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My wife told me about it last night LOL

Funny you posted this today.

My wife told me about it last night ... she is trying to convince me to get her a iPad.

I blew it off and did not even look at the web link.
Of course this did not go well ...

And I know deep down ... she "will" get one ... before Christmas ... because she already has her mind set on one.
Those that are married , know what I am talking about.

it only makes it hard to defend when you have a lot of gear.
Trust me, the logic of ... this gear pays for itself ... does not fly.
Logic has nothing to do with it.

... so, I guess ... I will be seeing this app ... sooner rather than latter ... and I am a PC guy.

Though I would love a Apple 27" Monitor. Now , that I could use for Christmas


MindInRewind wrote:

Well, i just thought i would share this with everyone - it is a photographers dream come true!

i have come across this app for all you iOS users / photographers / media people. It is a portfolio application.


i have not purchased it yet myself, as i do not have an ios device, but i have seen people request such an app on here that i would share this wonderful looking application with everyone to enjoy.

take a peak and if anyone gets it, let me know how it handles! it might be worth me getting one of those iPad thingies


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