7d upgrade or lens upgrades - which way to go?

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czaharop Junior Member • Posts: 37
7d upgrade or lens upgrades - which way to go?

I'm pondering several upgrades options and would appreciate any help:

Current gear:
Rebel XTi
17-55 2.8
70-300 IS

I've had my XTi for 4 years and have really learned to like it. It's only drawbacks are its autofocusing system, its high ISO performance, and its 3 FPS speed. Other than that its been a great camera.

My question now is whether I'm better off upgrading to a 7D which would help all 3 areas or putting that money into a better telephoto (70-300L IS or 70-200 f4 IS) and waiting 1-2 years for the 7D MKII - which is a long time to wait for a camera that doesn't exist yet.

My only gripe with the 7D is that while it has a great focusing system and better high ISO IQ- at lower ISOs it's not much different than my XTi and it's AEB only allows for 3 exposures (for HDR) - something I hope will change with a MKII.

My other concern about waiting for a 7D MKII is that possibly it will have such high pixel density that my current lenses - while good - may not be good enough anymore.

The 60D lacks AF microadjustment and just is not enough of an upgrade for me. I mostly do outdoor landscape shooting so a really good telephoto would be nice too.
Thanks for reading and I appreciate any opinions.


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