Shortfalls of the D700

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Thakur Dalip Singh
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Re: Shortfalls of the D700

Albino_BlacMan wrote:

You can take this one of two ways but I'd be interested in a list

If you were talking someone out of buying a D700 what reasons would you give them not to get one?

No reason if he is not very advanced.


If you could fix anything about your D700, what would you chose? I know theres a ridiculous number of amazing things about it, but where does it fall short of your expectation?

It is short of well built. Means not well built like D2X, there is no sound reccoring feature like D2X.
I ll not upgrade to D3 but I ll upgrade to D3X when possible.

Eg. would you upgrade weathersealing to make it as good as a D3? Would you make the mirror slap quieter?

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