Brutal Critique Thread Week 3 (19 Nov 10)

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Brutal Critique Thread Week 3 (19 Nov 10)

The previous thread (Week 1, 5 Nov 10) can be found here:

Here are the "rules":

Leave your ego behind when you post a pic in this thread. Your photo sucks, you suck, and we all know it -- don't pretend you're different than the rest of us.

No one is under any obligation to agree with any critique given. In fact, it's expected that the photographer will likely disagree with most of the opinions offered.

There may be mean spirited comments that are completely unhelpful. Some may go off-topic with politics or religion. Let it go. This thread is for you to improve as a photographer, not the octagon.

Hopefully, with the restrictions off, the photographer will get those few gems of wisdom from someone who may have otherwise remained silent for fear of hurting anyone's feelings.

If you don't want aspects of your photo commented on because you are already aware of them, then please list those aspects in your post and request that comments not be on those points. That said, don't be surprised, or upset, when that request gets ignored by some. Suck it up.

Please include the photo in your response so that people reading the critique can more easily see what you mean, without having to flip back and forth between your critique and the pic.

Also, please give the EXIF for your photos. Why give EXIF? Because technical considerions (sharpness, DOF, flare, motion blur, camera shake, etc.) are often important considerations.

OK -- let's have'em. Hopefully you'll learn something so you don't look like an idiot next time.

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