Kodak announces 29 MP 35mm sized sensor

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Re: Do they include the Airplane?

RUcrAZ wrote:

RedFox88 wrote:

And aerial photography is not aerial photogrammetry. Digital aerial photogrammetry cameras cost about $1,200,000.

I hope that, for the price, it includes an airplane!

Nope. It's for the camera and computer system to record the images because of how often images need to be recorded in aerial photogrammetry. A film aerial photogrammetry camera will use 9"x9" 400 speed b+w film. And depending on the project requirements (mapping scale, flying height, accuracy, etc.) will take exposures about 1 per second. The price is what I was told by an aerial photogrammetry company. They said at some time it will be worth buying because then they'll be able to save money by not having people to scan film and deal with film.

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