Infrared on the 60D

Started Nov 19, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Re: Infrared on the 60D

The 60D doesn't do too badly at IR.

Here's a shot I took out the office window... bear in mind the glass probably blocks a good deal of IR light;

tmiw wrote:

I was doing some research on infrared photography and found the remote test over at . I didn't expect much out of that test since the 60D came out six years after the author posted that article, but lo and behold, I could actually handhold at 1/20s and get a significant NIR response at ISO 6400 (see pic below):

Anyway, I think my next step is to try out the Hoya R72 filter and see what happens. It'll probably still be a good idea to use a tripod mainly so I don't have to operate at such a high ISO. Just thought I'd share.

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