HP Inkjet Printer class action settlement

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Re: HP Inkjet Printer class action settlement

....I don't think I'd go as far as 'blaming' anyone.

The way I see it, HP (& Epson, Canon for that matter) put alot of time, effort & money into developing technology, in this case printer technology. 99% of the time the products at the point of launch are very good products.

They have tried to improve our lives with these products, offering convenient features like low ink level warnings, so you either know that you need to re-order OR don't run out of ink part way through a print. They give us technology that reduces the risk of one of those microscopic nozzles clogging, in the form of ink aging warnings........& then they get criticised for it & lawsuits filed against them for trying to do the right thing! I just feel it is wrong to raise law suits for this sort of thing.

I'd rather throw away a few milli-litres of ink & not have the frustration of blocked nozzles, or part printed photos, or running out of ink because I was unaware that a cartridge was nearly empty.

We should be thanking these companies for developing these technologies, not penalising them for it. Sure, maybe the technology is less than perfect, but that is the nature of development - you can always improve something.

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