50 1.4 Lowlight Focusing

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A couple Samples of 50 1.4 Lowlight Focusing

Ok, its not super fast, but it focuses after a few seconds in very low light. The following photos are taken from my living room. There is a single 60 Watt bulb, it is 15 feet from the flash cards which are sitting on the ledge, and about 23ft from the light receptacle which is over a bathroom sink. When looking through the viewfinder it was so dark that I could not actually see the light fixture if I looked directly at it. I focused by putting it in the right vicinity and waiting for the focus confirmation. I could not have done this manually even if I wanted to. These photos were taken handheld.

Here is the first shot. The 7D and 50 1.4 focused on the box quickly without issue. I focused on the center of the box.

Immediately after the first photo, I tried to find the light receptacle that you can see in the upper left corner of the first photo. Focus took on average about 2 seconds to acquire. It wasn't perfect and yes it was slow, but I would never expect to be able to take a good photo of something handheld that I can't even see through the viewfinder. This is worst case for sure. iso 3200 f1.8 and 1/30s and underexposed.

But it did actually focus on the light. I bumped the exposure up in Aperture so the focus could be seen. I have the full originals on flickr.

Did I mention I love this lens? I really feel most of my best photos have been taken with it. These two here hardly qualify. I like to think that the majority of my photos are of something I care about.

Good luck with your 50 1.4!

My photos http://www.flickr.com/photos/talicoa/

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