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Joe0Bloggs Veteran Member • Posts: 5,391 fake 100% crops in MF shootout has posted this 2010 Mini Medium Format Shootout:

Where there are prety pictures from the new Pentax 645D vs the Phase One P40+.

There are also some pretty ugly pictures from the Canon 1Ds3, which were shot using the 24-105mm zoom lens, but that's beside the point.

Until you notice that the 100% centre crop from the 21mp 1Ds3 (Fig.8) is larger than either of the centre crops from the 40mp cameras (Fig. 2-3)!

The corner crop from the 1Ds3 (Fig.9) shows the same area as the corner crops from the MF cameras, so one would assume that they were shooting with the same FOV.

The remaining conclusion is that they are showing 100% crops from the Canon but somewhat less than 100% from the MF cameras. (or, they are showing 100% from the MF cameras and blowing up the Canon past 100%. But that is just too awful to consider.)

And people in their forum are wondering why the 1Ds3 looks so poor! (yes, some have attached the editors for using a 4+x zoom lens on the Canon vs 2x zooms on the MF cameras and a prime on the Leica, but none have noticed the crop magnification issue.)

In other images it's blindingly obvious that the images are not 100% crops. They are taking screen caps from within Photoshop, so that its UI elements are peeking out from the sides. In Fig. 19-21, the magnification indicator on the lower left is showing 100% (good). The font of that "100%" and the rest of the UI text in these screencaps are also downsized so much, you can hardly make out the letters in Fig. 19 and 21. (bad!)

So they took a screencap of Photoshop showing the images at 100%, and downsized that to at most 50%, maybe more like 20% for Fig. 19 and 21.

It's bad enough when they have this arbitrary policy against posting 100% crops throughout the site ("oh no, you just can't judge image quality on screen, just take my word for it, it's much better than anything you've ever seen from the camera you're using!"). But now that they are starting to post 100% crops, they are shrinking images from their favoured MF cameras and passing them for 100% crops --reserving real 100% crops for the lowly DSLRs and Leicas they're encouraging you to upgrade from!

I've tried to point this out nicely to them in their forum, hoping it's a mistake (yeah right) but none of the forum members have picked up on it, never mind the editors. I've totally run out of patience

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