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photoNewbie724 wrote:

Sorry if these are basic questions - this is my first non point and shoot

Used the camera for the first time this weekend at kids party at the gym. Noticed a lot of my shots came out pretty blurry ( was on p setting most of time )

What settings should I be using for fast moving shots?

You will need to experiment, but this is what you should try...

Switch the camera to S setting. This is shutter priority. If you adjust the shutter to speed to 1/125th to 1/250th then from then on, the camera will try to set an appropriate f stop (Aperture) and iso for you. 1/250th should enough to freeze motion, but if not, just shorten the shutter speed even more.

Make sure your iso setting is on 'auto'.

Shoot away and see what happens.

If still blurred then you'll need an even faster shutter speed, so try adjusting it until motion is frozen.

I should say that low light action photography is a real test of camera system. It requires good performance at high iso, usually lenses that are capable of much wider apertures than the mFTs kit zooms can deliver and requires good AF too.

The G2 is a nice camera, but is by no means optimal for this sort of photography.

That said, try using S mode and selecting shutter speeds and iso as suggested above. Experiments come free with digital

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