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Re: ColorMunki Profiling HELP

I've similar hdw to you, colormunki and a 9000mkii. I'm on a PC with an Eizo monitor though. I too was getting profiles which looked dark. My issue was the viewing environment. While a dark room is good for computer color work,you need to be in a brighter room to view prints. I recall for about 60$ you can get a clamp type light and 5k bulbs from Solux.

Also note the monitor and printer will never match completely.

I spent many hours scouring this forum, which is a very good one.

Some possibilities..

your monitor is too bright...custom cal to 80cd. Switching to 5k from 6.5k also helped me, but many are fine with 6.5k. If you have a normal lcd, viewing angle can make a big dif.

the colormunki support site has quite a bit on the apple OS and issues with color mgmt, given I'm on a windows pc I did not read them, but folks must be having issues if they dedicated so much space to it.

try the canon paper with the canon profiles..if ok, then monitor and printer and your methods (app with color mgmt on, printer off) are correct. The munki profiles are the problem.

Send some prints to a pro lab...if they are ok then it's printer/profile/methods. If prints still way off, then it's your monitor calibration.

Soft proof in photoshop with your munki profile..if it's ok, then likely the profile is fine.

Save your munki profile prints as the support at colormunki will have you send them in along with the profile to help debug.

be sure the printer driver settings you used to create the profile are exactly the same as when you print via your application. The driver lets you save settings with a meaningful name. I found this very helpful.

Printer driver color mgmt must be off. Canon made this about as un-intuitive as it could get. from driver setting/preferences main tab, color/intensity area to manual, click set, color adj tab..all 0 and normal and standard, matching tab color correction to NONE. Back to driver, effects tab, ensure nothing is checked.

I found the canon profile, using canon paper to be significantly brighter than the munki profiles, however I've come to like the munki profile better, colors match monitor better to my eye.

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