Shortfalls of the D700

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Re: Heres a few

Robin Casady wrote:

CriticalI wrote:

When putting the camera in a bag (or taking it out) its too easy to inadvertantly press the lens release, slide the card cover off, pop the flash or move the AF control lever. The card cover needs a catch...

I've been using Nikons since 1967 and have never accidentally released the lens while removing the camera from the bag. Also, the CF card cover works fine for me. Never accidentally opened it.

Well good for you.

I'd rather not see a lot of nanny mechanisms added to the camera that make it more difficult to operate.

Dont need more mechanisms just competent industrial design.

...the flash button needs to be less prominant and the lens release not so exposed. If it was flush with the body it would work better.

Forgot about the flash. While the button hasn't been a problem, I'd prefer it if the D700 didn't have a built-in flash. Leave built-in flash for the consumer DSLRs, they shouldn't be on prosumer DSLRs.

So I have to buy a flash controller. great idea.

A number of times I have switched the camera on and got an error.

Don't understand this one. What were you doing?

If the lens has shifted or card door is open, camera does not work, OK?

Also, the highlight smearing at high ISO can spoil some low light shots.

I haven't noticed this. What conditions cause it? I'd like to see examples so I would know what to watch for.

Well you obviously havnt read all the threads here have you. All the above issues have been mentioned before. Streking has been the subject of several threads.

All are easy things to fix, its not a big deal, but its pointlessly annoying. Almost as annoying as people who have used one make for 35 years and dont realise how much better other people do some of these simple things but feel the need to defend an inamimate object that doesn't care.

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