Shortfalls of the D700

Started Nov 18, 2010 | Discussions thread
xjassa Senior Member • Posts: 1,197
Ok. Now I want a dedicated crop button. :)

D700man wrote:

I assigned one of my fn buttons to bracketing so I now have a dedicated bracketing button.

xjassa wrote:

Those two things were what swayed me to a D3 with 200k clicks over a D700+grip with 10k clicks for the same price.

D3 has other advantages, but the tipping point for me was the lack of a bracket button on the D700, and the 95% was not only a cropped mode, but also slightly less crisp to my eyes compared to the D3.

If the D700 would have had the viewfinder of the D3 and a bracket button instead of whatever useless button they added (wasn't it a play?), then I may have opted for the newer D700 over the older d3.

Both are fine cameras though.

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