Shortfalls of the D700

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I use the FN button 1 as DOF preview, and

FN button 2 as quick-crop-mode change, which is actually useful on the D3, as it has 8x10. So yeah, you are right, on the D700, I could have that be bkt.

But then , I'd like to change the D700 to have more crop modes, as I like them a lot. But if they gave it more crop modes, I'd need a BKT button, as I'd have to use the FN button to cycle my crop modes.

So it's a bit dizzying.

The world would be at peace, if they'd just give me a BKT button. I suggest removing the QUAL button at the top, because quite frankly, I never change my quality on the fly, and if I am changing the quality, it's not a big deal to do it in the menu. Bracketing? I'm always adjusting the # of frames, spacing, and exposure compensation, so I'd like a BKT button.


dexmus wrote:

xjassa wrote:

Those two things were what swayed me to a D3 with 200k clicks over a D700+grip with 10k clicks for the same price.

D3 has other advantages, but the tipping point for me was the lack of a bracket button on the D700, and the 95% was not only a cropped mode, but also slightly less crisp to my eyes compared to the D3.

If the D700 would have had the viewfinder of the D3 and a bracket button instead of whatever useless button they added (wasn't it a play?), then I may have opted for the newer D700 over the older d3.

Both are fine cameras though.

Agree on the viewfinder. But you can program the fn button or the useless dof preview button to do the bracketing, can you not?

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