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Started Oct 29, 2002 | Discussions thread
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Tilt & swivel LCD panel

7Song wrote:

I will soon be buying my first camera (heard that before?) and I
have been investigating and have come up with the following
options. I welcome and appreciate any advice.
I am an herbalist and botanist and so many of my photos will be of
plants and this is primary in my search of an appropriate camera.
Close-ups and photos of trees are an interest of mine, as well as
everyday shots.
I would like to keep to around $650-700 with all neccessary
accessories etc.

I spent the summer doing a self-assigned project of photographing my wife's garden through the season. Lots of plants and flowers. Mostly closeups. I found the tilt-and-swivel LCD panel the most useful part of my camera for this use. (Canon G2). Several other brands have now incorporated this feature, including, I think, Nikon. Whatever brand you select, I'd add this as a highly desireable feature for botanical shooting. It allows you to get the camera way down to ground level without having to lie on your belly to do the viewing!


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