Shortfalls of the D700

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Re: Shortfalls of the D700


  • 100% VF

  • all cross points AF

  • better matrix metering

  • better AWB

  • ISO button position changed for right-hand operation (with hand on grip)

  • more information on top LCD (especially AF setup)

  • two standard batteries in battery grip (with no fps penalty)

  • second card slot (CF or SD)

  • improved live-view


  • more customization for dials (e.g. in A mode, both dials changes aperture)

  • ability to switch the sides in exposure compensation (minus on the left, plus on the right - similar option to exposure meter in VF)

  • standard and user configurable MLU, also for live-view

  • custom buttons configurable for ISO settings (when ISO button not replaced)

  • adjustable colour temperature for LCD

  • AF tuning same as Oly already has (separate adjustment for wide and tele ends of zoom, each particular point separately adjustable)

  • © for owner's copyright

  • configurable power saving (sleep)

  • custom modes / shooting banks accessible as one of standard modes (mode button + dial - P, A, S, M, C1, C2, C3, etc.)

  • 1 EV ISO step for one dial, 1/3 EV ISO step for second dial (quick change or small increment change at the same moment)

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