Shortfalls of the D700

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Re: Gene, you can do this...

for a D700 replacement:
Better weather sealing if pos.
Not worried about mirror noise.
shorter VF darkened time would be nice for panning.
slightly different ergonomics for the af-on button for my odd hands lol
make a "mb-d10" grip with the same shutter and af-on feel and locations as body.
trap focus for manual focus lenses (never going to happen )

dual SD card that supports latest fastest speed cards, or alternate files across cards to parallel for speed.

built in focus stepping mode for DOF stacking (my lastest game)...or allow focus incrementing via the 4 way and a function button combo?....bit niche perhaps.

and only even bother with video if there is absolutely zero rolling shutter

rssarma wrote:

R Valentino wrote:

I would like to have the ability to adjust exposure compensation in Av or Sv modes without first having to press the EC button- Canon allows this which I found very useful and easy to do without having to take the camera away from your eye.

I have my E-3 setup to use the front dial for EC, done the same in the D700, although setting this up is very convoluted and wish it had been easier.

  1. Go to Custom Settings Menu

  2. Enable "Easy Exposure Compensation" in b4.

  3. By default this allows the main command dial to adjust EC, you can reverse this and use the sub-command dial by switching them in Custom Setting f9.

On the E-3 this is is very easily set in the "Buttons/Dials" menu, it took me a while to figure this out on the D700.

This is also documented in Pg. 293 of the manual. Hope this helps.

Cross point AF sensors spread out more would be nice.

Yes, definitely!

LUSH....just set the 2 custom banks I use to ON(Reset).



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