Shortfalls of the D700

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100% VF, CF & SD, All settings My Mode
  • 100% VF

  • CF & SD ... with a plethera of options/combo's to write to.

ALL camera settings "My Mode" (at least 5) and have it on the Dial , with a rotate thru "Modes" via the FRONT wheel ... and ability to adjust one item within the Settings with the BACK wheel. (and another with a comp button + BACK wheel) ... I would be in THIS SETTING ALL DAY, every day. AND, when you SAVE it (in Menu) , it's SAVED ... any adjustments to it is lost when you move to another MY Mode setting. ... So, all five(5) My Mode "ALL camera settings" is only a starting point.

  • Did I say "ALL CAMERA SETTINGS" ... everything.

Ability to Save a RAW to CF and send JPG copy accross the USB to LRv3 in tethered.

Well, let us choose ... It's strange that a Cannon can Save on CF and send thru tethered via LRv3 and a Nikon cannot.

  • Save a DNG

Cross AF points farther appart ... and still ONE on each Third's Crossing

  • not a biggie ... but for a D800 ... 1080p video

  • have the AF asst light avoid the 24-70 f2.8 hood a little better LOL

Make the D700 HOT SHOE ... MUCH more durable ... there is a problem here with the sb900.

  • Quieter Shutter.

I own two(2) D700 ... so, these cannot be a huge issue for me
But, will be ... when I want to buy a new D800

  • add in more RES, Smaller RAW file Option , But, Keeping FAST/Accurate AF, Saves , Shutter, and at least 2 stops better High ISO (needs to be balanced with the Higher RES and the current Tech)


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