Shortfalls of the D700

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Re: Shortfalls of the D700

Albino_BlacMan wrote:

You can take this one of two ways but I'd be interested in a list

If you were talking someone out of buying a D700 what reasons would you give them not to get one?

Larger sensors than DX require larger and heavier lenses to accomplish the same angular range. Price of the body plus lenses is substantially beyond a consumer DX camera. Nikon assumes you fully understand photography, and thus does not offer training wheels, like scene modes. If you are not willing to take the time to learn the camera thoroughly, plus RAW processing, a compact or consumer-level camera would be a much wiser choice. Unless you are already a skilled and experienced photographer, buying a D700 will not improve your photography, and could have quite the opposite effect.


If you could fix anything about your D700, what would you chose? I know theres a ridiculous number of amazing things about it, but where does it fall short of your expectation?

Nothing. I have shot with dozens of cameras over the decades, but if the D700 had existed when I was starting out, it might have been the only camera ever. I can honestly not think of what Nikon could do with its successor to tempt me to buy.

Eg. would you upgrade weathersealing to make it as good as a D3? Would you make the mirror slap quieter?

As good as a D3? It is a very different camera, and both are best at what they do. If I were still a working sports shooter, the D3 is the obvious choice. If I were shooting field sports or wildlife with Nikon's super-telephotos, its mass would be ideal for balancing them. For the way I shoot now, it would be a terrible choice. The D700 is like Mr. Nikon-san read my soul and designed a camera for me alone. Smaller, more mobile and attracts a whole lot less attention than the hulking D3. I also do not need the expense of nine to eleven shots per second, 300k shots before maintenance, dual card slots, extra battery power and so on - all which go to make the D3 a bigger and more expensive camera.

Big dSLRs are loud - it is in their DNA. I still have my superb and silent Coolpix 8400, the last of the prosumer compacts, and may at some point check out the Micro Four Thirds cameras. On the other hand, most of my subjects seem to carry on with life, ignoring me and my camera in spite of the noise.

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