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Re: Why do we need a D4?

Dan wrote:

Tony Beach wrote:

The pace of major updates for Nikon is every 4 years now, and late next year it will be 4 years since the D3 and D300 were announced.

The time gap between the D200 and the D300 was pretty short, so it would seem that they only introduce new models when there is a need.

New models do not necessarily equate to what I would call major upgrades. I would consider major upgrades to be significant improvements in resolution, ISO performance, AF, and significant features.

And what other products have had a 4 year gap?

Looking at what I consider major upgrades, it turns out the gaps are closer to 3 years.

CAM1300 in 2001
CAM2000 in 2004
CAM3500 in 2007

5-6 MP in 2001-2
10-12 MP in 2004-5
FX & 24 MP in 2007-8

Applying those major upgrades to individual lines (e.g., D70-D80-D90) is more complex as they trickle into the cameras soon after they become available and some of the camera lines are updated more frequently than others. The flagship line that we were discussing when you asked what was wrong with the D3s or D3x don't get updated until they can usher in major upgrades to their sensors and AF systems.

The D7000 appears to be an improvement in that regard [high ISO performance], as well as simultaneously offering more resolution. What's not to like about that?

It would be like going from a Camry to a Corolla or a 5-series to a 3-series. Even if the specs are better on paper, it's a different class. It's like telling a D3 shooter to use a D700 or an Elan user to shoot with a Rebel.

You said the reason you bought the D300 was for its higher ISO performance, and that the only reason you would upgrade is for a better sensor and mainly for its high ISO performance. When Nikon offers that sensor or a better one in a "D400" along with an improved AF system, I'm sure you'll be pleased.

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