100-300mm vs GH1+14-140+EZ

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Re: 100-300mm vs GH1+14-140+EZ

Keith Jefferies wrote:

I would appreciate your comments on the following.

I have been considering buying the 100-300 lens.

Today, as an experiment, I tried the 14-140 with EZ which equates to 280mm focal length at a resolution of 3.1M. First as expected the lens is difficult to hand hold and it appears a tripod is essential for acceptable results. The results though, with a monopod, were not too bad, particularly if only viewed on a TV or PC and not printed larger than A4 size.

The 100-300 is a lens that I would not use that often and I really don't want to
drag a tripod or monopod around.

These lens are both pretty slow so getting a fast enough shutter speed to hand hold and cope with the usually dull UK weather will be problematic.

So, forget this and use EZ instead and spend the cash on the 45mm macro which
will be much more useful to me.

what do you think?

I have never used a Tripod and rarely a monopod for large zooms, if you are pretty steady with your technique, you wont need them. i use to have a sigma 135-400 and never use either to steady, and got razor sharp images.


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