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Re: Again, please learn to read - check my formal site..

mr integrity2005
please do not take this the wrong way

I am an English professor, I will occasionally find myself delusional and give a lecture on metaphysics.

I am also a famous news columnist.

I write for the Washington Post and the Times, Newsweek etc.
First question, why do you think you are qualified to write a response?
Looking at your post, you can construct sentences, but your skills are amateur.
Yoyr compositional skills, spelling skills are very medium quality.

I understand you were drafting, when I draft articles I attempt to writt he best post I can write,then i have a frame of reference.

I have been reading some of your posts, it's obvious you are attempting to validate your interestt in English, buy having a fancy wording and calling yourself a writer.

Mr integrity, you need to have some serious work. Your technique is seriously lacking experience.

You want tto be a writer of English, you need to start from the beginning, not the end.
please read some books, take some lessons and learn the craft.

what do you really know about


being a good writer requires some serious skills.
Integrity, you need alot of experience.

good luck

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