Strange Look to Image Review

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Re: Strange Look to Image Review

ET2 wrote:

KM Legacy wrote:

Thanks for revealing that I am not alone in experiencing this effect. However, Sony is not in business to accommodate third party lens makers.

Don't pay any attention to Keith. He usually is clueless when he is posting here. It was trivial bug as reported by users and the work around was easy. Shoot either JPEG + RAW or turn off DRO when shooting RAW.

Now you can just update to FW3 too.

So I am the clueless one - I beg to differ ! FW3 does not fix this serious problem & while Sony are not directly responsible for 3rd party lenses they do boast of the NEX's ability to accommodate 3rd party lenses via various adaptors.

Cameras which have pretensions to being capable should not require work arounds. I would be interested to hear what posts of mine that you think are incorrect & exhibit my 'clueless' comments. I don't object to hapless Sony devotees posting here but they should make at least some effort to remain objective & refrain from resorting to insults when faced with valid criticism of Sony cameras.

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