BUY YOUR LENSES NOW - you've been warned.

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Re: Tsk, tsk, BoriS. Check your facts..

Uh.... guys.....

I just meant that Nikon will probably decide to either keep prices high OR raise prices -- slightly. But slightly x 3 or 4 lenses can = Significant to many people.

When the "holy trinity" each jumped up $500 bucks, that affected people who wanted to buy them. Since the economic outlook APPEARS that Nikon would would either hold prices steady OR increase prices, then you can't go bad by buying now (as opposed to 6 months from now). As for RECENTLY RELEASED lenses -- yes, you can definitely save money by waiting a year OR the price will be the same.

No one is saying spend out of your means or take on credit, lol.

And there is NOT going to be economic Armageddon.. you guys are great story tellers. In fact, the US is coming back, simply the dollar will be down for the next year. Ergo, buy your lenses now if you want them, because waiting won't do you good.

The U.S. will never again be the hegemonic force it COULD HAVE BEEN under the wasted years of Bush Sr., Clinton, and Bush Jr. -- all of whom diminished the Hegemonic Power of the US in favor of a Global System.

But hey, the world hates us even though we didn't act like an empire after the Cold War. Would they have liked us better if we had created a "US Council of Nations"? Or if we had militarized Space with US Arms exclusively? We could have done both. We didn't. But people still hope we die. A bit strange, considering what the USSR and potentially a China would have done, supported in a Communist Union.

I sure hope, as Europe and the rest of the world should, that the US continues strong.



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