HP Inkjet Printer class action settlement

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Re: HP Inkjet Printer class action settlement

knolan wrote:

My HP-8300 ink-jet would come on saying low ink but after contacting an HP tech I found put it comes on with 20% still left which is a hell of a lot of ink to waste, Ken

I do NOT have any model of HP Ink-jet printers, however; I believe the message (or indicator) of LOW ink is so that the user will be aware of the forthcoming time when the ink is at the LOW point that requires a new Cartridge be inserted for the printer to again print normally. Therefore, it is NOT indicating that the cartridge must be changed at the "Low Ink" warning and if users are doing so (at that time) it is the Operator's decision and they may be wasting ink on their own choice when not needed to do so.

I have 4 Epson Photo printers and that is basically the way that ALL of my Epson Printers function.

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