Na'Pali Coast helicopter shots

Started Nov 11, 2010 | Discussions thread
Henry Wallace Regular Member • Posts: 295
Re: Nice shots, a couple of comments

Regarding the heli blade problem, I shoot a higher ISO with faster shutter speed and shoot bursts so that at least one of the burst shots will not have the blade (if I have to aim where I know the blade will be in the shot). The little I sacrifice with the higher ISO is offset by the sharper images. The slower the shutter speed, the less likely you will get ANY shots without the blade. You don't mention what ISO you shoot but I often go up to 640 or even 800 or 1600 in a pinch if I know the images are not going to be enlarged too much. With the 16-35L first generation, you have to shoot at 5.6 or more to get shots without blurring on the edge and that limits you a little. I've heard the new version of the lens is better for this. --Henry W.

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