Educating your friends about Facebook's T&C of photosharing?

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Educating your friends about Facebook's T&C of photosharing?


I'm a travel photographer (mainly stock at the moment), and I often see some really decent shots on my friends' Facebook Photo-Albums. Landscapes, sunsets, landmarks, locations, etc. Mainly lo-res of course – but in times of internet advertising that doesn't matter anyway.

Being a Facebook user myself, I know how tempting it is for people to just share ANY kind of photo on that site: most of my friends are member on Facebook, but only a handful are on FlickR or other photosharing sites.
(Personally, I only upload 'social situation' kind of images if anything).

Anyway – sometimes, when I see a good shot on Facebook, I take a light-hearted approach, trying to 'educate' my friends about Facebook's Terms & Conditions, and that Facebook may use their images free of charge... which in return (either now or in the future) takes money away from professional photographers.

But no matter what argument I'm using (and for my photoshop-savy friends I recommend placing AT LEAST a watermark on the images), or however I'm trying to explain the scenario – most people just really don't care:

  • The "bought my first SLR, now I'm a good photographer" kind of people often change into "Ah well – who would want to use my images anyway? I'm not that good a phographer" (and believe me, some of the stuff they upload to Facebook is REAL good).

  • Some people I know who campaign against the "bad guys" (such as Nike or GAP) who exploit poor workers in 3rd world countries and "have too high a profit margin" often say that they don't care if Facebook uses their images for free.

I just find it really strange how ignorant some people are about this kind of thing, even AFTER I've described things to them...

So the question is (if you care about this kind of thing):

How do YOU try to educate your friends? And what kind of comparisons are you using?

I mean, something that REALLY aims home and gives people some food for thought... i.e. something a little better than the obvious "If you had written a brilliant book – would you be happy for a huge publishing company to sell it for free?"... something that really makes them think...

One thing I think I'm gonna do for a laugh is: take the 10 best shots from my recent Galapagos trip, place a huge watermark in front of it, which reads "By watermarking this image, I hereby DISAGREE with Facebook's horrendous Terms & Conditions in terms of Copyright. If you'd like to view this photo without watermark, you can do so at [weblink]", before I upload it to Facebook.

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