60D review question ,conclusion image quality

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Andreas Helke Senior Member • Posts: 1,204
Re: 60D review question ,conclusion image quality

mantra wrote:
i read the 60D review and in the conclusion there is

Excellent image quality up to ISO settings unthinkable just one camera generation ago

does digital review refer to the 7d/550D or 50D ?


The 60D is the same generation as the 550D and 7D and 1D4. Its indeed a lot better than the 50D. Unfortunately it is only state of the art at high ISO. At low ISO there is a big performance gap to the Pentax K5 and Nikon D7000. I wonder why the review does not mention this. Maybe because the testing of the other two at DPReview is not finished yet. And for the majority of photos even the limited sensor and electronics performance of the 60D delivers more that is actually needed if you stay away from pushing the limits in your post processing.

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