GF1...20mm or 14-45mm...which for casual user?

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Re: GF1...20mm or 14-45mm..does owning both make sense?

To be fair, I bought the 20mm for my PL1, but I hardly use it. I decided to sell my Oly 14-42 lens and replace it with the Panny 14-45. The 14-45 is a great walkaround lens, and much lighter than the 14-54 II. I'm really happy with it.

Paired with the bargain of the century, the 40-150 II at $90 CDN (new), it's a great combo.


Pretty much agree with you here Jeff except on the 20mm which I do find a use for, but my needs are obviously different. I've given up trying to convince people about the 40-150mm mk2, best bargain lens ever built AFAIC.

Can the 40-150mm mk2 be used with the gf1? Will the lack of IBIS in the GF1 make it difficult to take good shots?

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