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Re: a final review of efillink carts/ink for EPSON R2400

I don't use efillink products (I use inkjetfly.com CIS and Refillable Cartridges - excellent quality by the way as are their inks, so I do refute your final claim that only original Epson inks produce high quality - I could show you that is not the case - but as a very experienced pro, your so-called lashing review seems more like from someone who does not understand how to use the products, as the "review" reveals more faults by the author than the products.

In my pretty extensive experience of a range of CIS and refillable cartridge products from different manufacturers over many years, inevitably, I have found those who try to trash products "that THEY cannot get to work properly" are in reality simply demonstrating their own inability to understand the way they should be used.

Of course, the instructions could be faulty or perhaps that should be incomplete but anyone with some modicom of commensense and dexterity should be able to figure things out. If not, there are many videos on youtube.com covering many models with many videos on installing a CIS unit - as just "one" example of what is available.

As this seems a new posting from a new forum member? .... it does look a bit suspicious. If genuine, then as said, it seems an outburst by someone without much practical experience - or at least that is how it does appear.

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