EPL1 blows GF1 out of water

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bernieckm wrote:

. . . You should probably wait if you can for the full reviews of the GF2 from DPR and Imaging-Resource. It's possible that Panasonic has corrected some of these hue shift issues that have caused Panasonic so much grief among those who care about color fidelity with out-of-camera jpegs. Coming from a P&S background and not having any experience with RAW processing I'm guessing - You'll likely be most comfortable with an E-PL1 or GF2 in my opinion. If you're interested in growing in to a more advanced camera and possibly learning to shoot in RAW - and not terribly worried about compactness, There are a lot more possibilities for you to consider like the G2 for example.

Thanks Tim. I think I will likely have to decide with the current generation, primarily due to budget concerns. On the G2, would the output not be the same as the GF1 given that it has the same sensor? I read though that RAW images are better on the G2 - is that what you were referring to?

. . . I have no direct experience with the G2 but by all accounts it has the same image output characteristics as the G1 which means that it's also very similar to the GF1 - talking about straight out of the camera jpegs here. If you want an inexpensive currently available model, I'd strongly urge you to take a close look at the E-PL1. Almost no one here who has one is unhappy with its jpegs. DPR also says that it's in-camera jpeg processing is the best in its class - that means that it's better than all other micro four thirds models as well as the other brands of mirrorless cameras from Sony, etc. There are lots of happy E-PL1 users here and if you do a search at this forum for 'E-PL1 jpegs', you'll see that I'm right about this.

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