Circular polarizer filter

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Re: Circular polarizer filter

Barrie Davis wrote:

No matter how they are assembled, by the very nature of polarising filters the white dot (white line) can never BE more than 90° from maximum effect... which may give the impression that it is "roughly aligned" in some way. It probably isn't, and probably wasn't, not even fresh from the factory.

Here is my Hoya Pro1 Digital and my Marumi DHG Super...with my 30" HP LP3065 in the background (which is polarized, like all monitors.) Both were aligned in the same way from the factory, and both will give you the maximum polarization when the indicator is aligned as I described.

And I've yet to see these post complaining that the indicator isn't aligned. I'd like to see them if anyone can find them. I'm interested in the quality of the polarizers in question. Also, if you're not careful, you can shift the glass when cleaning.


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