Upgrade Panasonic FZ-35 to a FZ100 or not?

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Re: Upgrade Panasonic FZ-35 to a FZ100 or not?

tymevest wrote:

I don't have an FZ35 but do have the older FZ18 and FZ40. Compared to the FZ18, the FZ40 is capable of a little more detail. The color reproduction is also much better. It has a stronger flash. It also does not have any of the color noise and yellow splotching seen with the FZ18 and earlier FZ series cameras.

On the downside, the camera only likes brighter shooting areas. Even at ISO80, there can be a little noise in some darker areas of the images if viewed at full size. The FZ18 (although not good) is more capable in darker environments.

### Also the lens when at wide angle has a lot of perspective issues I don't see with the FZ18. Objects that are vertical will appear to be leaning in by sometimes 10-15 degrees above the point of focus. With a slight bit of optical zoom, this clears up. ###

Noise is an issue with the FZ40. If you shrink the pictures down to say 7MP, they look good at full pixel resolution. You can also get full 14MP images that look good if the light is right. The problem is that noise will start to show up in darker areas and shadows.

Another problem area is dynamic range. Sometimes I may take a picture that has darker areas that I want to lighten, or bring detail out of, with Photoshop's highlight/shadow tool (lighten darker areas while leaving brighter areas alone). You can get away with this with other cameras and even with the FZ18. When you try it with FZ40 pictures, most of the time you get a lot of noise. The picture will not be usable at full size.

I went to an annual Halloween party a couple weeks ago. Last year I used the FZ18, this year the FZ40. At full size, the FZ40 is not nearly as good producing flatter looking images with much more noise, and I shot them using the histogram trying to keep the exposure as high as possible without clipping the highlights.

If I had it to do over again, I would now own an FZ35 instead of the FZ40 because image quality is more important to me than zoom range or other features.

Depends on what you use the camera for and what you do with the pictures. Even the not so great noisy pictures will look great on a 1080P HD TV. They will also look good if printed up to a 8X10 size.

I've just purchased an FZ40 / FZ45. I've not seen these perspective issues at wide angle (I tried the camera in the shop before I bought it).
Ian (alias 'Beefy')

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