Setup recommendations needed, mostly storage related

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Setup recommendations needed, mostly storage related

I'm looking to build a new computer - primary use will be Lightroom and video storage/organization/editing (not too much editing).

I currently have 30,000 images in Lightroom on a Buffalo Terastation - it's around 750GB (4x250 in raid 5) and some video files, but plan to start doing a lot more video. (Most of what I have is VGA; I'm doing 1080p clips now in AVCHD). My existing computer has a 160GB x 2 (mirrored) main drive with Win XP that's nearly full.

So for a new system I'm looking at maybe a quad core i5 based machine with a modest 640GB primary HD.

For storage of photos & videos (Lightroom catalog) I'm thinking two mirrored internal 2TB drives. The terastation is slow when working with files in Lightroom ... but I don't know if an external solution is worth considering ... whether USB 3 would be substantially better than the terastation and not substantially worse than internal drives ?

Then I'm thinking of an external 2TB "backup" drive, since the mirrored drive only protects against drive failure, but not data loss.

With eSata, USB 3, hot swappable drives (internal bays or external), I don't know what other options make sense to consider.

Finally, I'd add a separate external drive for storage of "finished" video files and photos sized for display via a WD TV.

I'd probably get a Bluray burner ... something I wouldn't have considered a couple months ago.

Any comments or recommendations ?


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