In-camera processing of long-exposure RAW data

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Re: In-camera processing of long-exposure RAW data

RBarbera wrote:

Mark Hollister wrote:

Check the dates; all of the people who contributed to this thread have been dead for hundreds of years now.

LOL! only from january 2010

Yes I know that this is an old thread... as the problem with NEF files, that was dated at last from the D70 introduction (see Chrisitian Buil astrophotography site). But the D7000 is the first Nikon camera since the D70 that has hot pixels in long exposure RAWs, so it seems that something is different now, and I'm asking about

just kidding, actually I'm glad this thread has been kept alive. Marianee really has something here, and if her algorithm were to be adopted, Nikon would look that much better. But as Thom has pointed out in the past, Japanese culture is different from western culture, their pride may not allow them to admit they could have done a better job. But if as you say it seems the D7000 shows evidence that Nikon has abandoned their faulty algorithm, perhaps in the end a better one such as Marianne's will be implemented in future firmware or even PP software. I really wish this thread would continue with input from those with the technical expertise to push this issue to a happy ending.

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