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Re: Your equipment is great; use it often - LIKE THIS! (nt)

DotCom Editor wrote:

cburdick1 wrote:

I use my 50D mostly to take pictures of family and friends and while traveling. My kit consists of a 50D, Canon 10-22, Tamron 17-50 (not the VC model), a Canon 70-300 (not the L) and a 430EX flash. None of these items would be considered pro quality, yet they suit my needs just fine.

There is nothing wrong or sub-par about your gear. I've seen thousands of glorious images made with equipment no more pricey than yours.

It's about what's behind the viewfinder (you!), not what's in front of it, that makes the real difference. Having a good eye, seeing the light, developing good compositional skills, and understanding exposure are all far important than which glass you use.

Enjoy what you have. Go out and take lots of pictures. It's all about the image; it's not at all about the gear.

Good luck and good shooting to you.

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