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Re: What about the D7000?

Simon Garrett wrote:

Tony Beach wrote:

Yes, and all those photographers can benefit from a tripod, so shall we have that built in too?

That's a specious argument.

And that's a subjective argument!

There are cameras with vertical grips, there are none I know of with built in tripods.

As I've said numerous times, there is the D7000 option...

It's a very different camera.

It's a matter of how many will seriously feel left out if they don't have an option between a smaller body and a larger body.

How many D300 users would simply opt for a D7000 if it had all the capabilities of their D300/D300s?

Well, yes, but that would make it a D300 (or perhaps a D400).

It's a matter of opinion (as none of us have facts to hand, I'm sure) but I'll bet that the D300 replacement won't have a built-in grip,

At this point, it's all just speculation.

unless it can be done without extra size and weight (unless a very marginal increase),

One thing is for sure, a an integrated vertical grip is smaller and lighter than an optional one is.

which would mean no extra batteries for example.

Having more battery power would be one of the reasons for an integrated grip. The smaller body simply doesn't have enough room for the larger batteries used in the D2 and D3 series bodies.

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