A few thoughts and a conclusion on the A77 24 MP (you read it here first)

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Does Pixel Size Matter?

Robsphoto wrote:

"If an APS-C camera had 24mp, the pixels would certainly be "crammed", but I think most people would agree that technology hasn't quite advanced yet to the point where a high quality APS-C camera could be manufactured with 24mp!"

El Profe wrote:

I don't agree... Sensor technology is long time already there. The 24MP's A900 & 850 are only 2.9 MP/cm2. The A580 & A55 16 MP's are only 4.4 MP/cm2. A 24MP in an APS-C size sensor is aproximately 6.6MP/cm2. That's nothing compared to compact cameras. Sony own 9MP sensor in the DSC HX-1 is already at 33 MP/cm2.

The problem is lenses. Not all Sony lenses are good enough to resolve at 24MP's. Specially its 18-55mm kit lens.

I realise that some compact cameras, for example, have a large number of very small pixels on a sensor, but I used the words "high quality" APS-C camera.

If an APS-C camera had 24mp (or if a full frame camera had 56mp), I doubt whether the image quality would be as good as you can get from cameras that have far less megapixels and much larger individual pixels.

For example, this article discusses whether pixel size matters:


At present, the (APS-C) Canon 7D, for example, has 18mp, but some Canon users seem to prefer the image quality produced by the much larger pixels of the full frame Canon 5DII. A comparison of the pixel size, pixel density, etc. of these two cameras is made here:


I realise that sensor technology is improving all the time and that the above arithmetical comparisons cannot take into account any differences between the sensor technologies of the 7D and the 5DII.


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