D7000 Sensor is a Winner!!!!

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bobn2 wrote:

Choose you figure, then. The point about engineering DR is that the definition is hard. Photographic DR is bounded at the bottom by 'acceptable' and where that is is either subjective or requires some perceptual research to establish.

Sure, but once you've decided on the limit of 'acceptable' engineering DR and photographic DR are inextricably linked. If you're acceptable limit is three stops above the noise the the photographic DR is three stops less than the engineering DR. Also, if camera A has one stop more engineering DR than camera B then it also has 1 stop more photographic DR.

This is one thing that puzzles me. DxO DR curves for some sensors (D7000, D3x) go up linearly when decreasing ISO from medium towards base, while some other sensors seem to saturate a bit lower. However, the other sensor curves (SNR, TS etc) follow about the same pattern with all. My gut feeling tells me the "saturated" DR curve makes no difference for demanding landscape shooters because the DR is not the limiting factor and that the other curves are more important. Then one might get similar photographic 1 stops with both A and B, wasting bottom technical 4 stops with A (linear) but 2.5 stops with B ("saturated").

Wait for what?

Well, until their results are visible to more than select few and independently reviewed, and until you get to know what you have actually seen

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