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"It might be time for war!"

Here is the quote from a thread Adam started in his forum that was titled:

'DPReview and our links'

"Does anyone know if DPR still blocks PF links? If so, "

sjgcit wrote:

If there was a problem it's about time you reviewed your "solution". How do you know it is still a problem ?

The same guy is still running Pentax Forums, and since he wants to "go to war"... It is obviously "still a problem".


So how about some constructive and positive action at this point. Contact them and resolve this, because the people you're annoying aren't spammers, they're legitimate users of both sites.

So you want DPR to contact him with "constructive and postive actions" when he is pounding his chest and talking about going to war against this site...

Adam is his, and his forums own worst enemy....

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'Nothing is worse than active ignorance'

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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