Metz 36 AF-4 flash with LX5

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Guy Parsons
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Re: Metz 36 AF-4 flash with LX5

John Gruffydd wrote:

It does bounce - up to 90 degrees - but doesn't swivel. Its model number suggests a GN of 36 at ISO100 but that only obtains at a zoom setting of 85mm (35mm equivalent) so it's a lot less powerful than the Vivitar 283 whose GN of 36 obtains at a coverage of 35mm. So it's reasonable in a small room with a lowish ceiling and acceptable enough at a camera ISO of 400. But it can't compete with the likes of the 283.

Thanks for that, I'll start on making the Bounce column probably tomorrow.

Wouldn't it be good if flash manufacturers specified their guide number at a standard coverage area as well a the standard ISO 100!!

If you ever find that strange planet where they do that, please let me know. Meanwhile it's just the common cheating with numbers to impress the great unwashed - marketing has a lot to answer for.

Regards........... Guy

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