:( Laptop runs HoT after installing Windows updates, etc.

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Re: :( Laptop runs HoT after installing Windows updates, etc.

Well, something is making the processor run more than before. Without going all techie, try the program Process Lasso:


Get the free version linked on the right of the screen from Cnet. But after a few weeks it will throw up a "Buy Me" screen once in a while, just close it. The most important functions still work for free.

This program cuts down processor overuse by any or all programs. It should stop the choppyness of playing videos, and help with the other things too, making everything run more smoothly. You can ignore the techie gobbledygook and just install it and run it with its default settings.

I have this on ALL my machines, the paid version, even though I can work through a lot of techie gobbledygook. And, this program makes it easier to sort out that kind of technical problem, if you want to. This program should be built in to Windows.

Then I'd get rid of MSE, since that seems to be causing the problem, and I'm not surprised. I'd recommend AVG Free plus Threatfire Free instead.

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