2 x SpeedLite problem

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Port Royal Dad
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That's great! Now the fun begins.

But I wonder if you took the speedlights outside, away from other potential sources of interference if the channels 1-3 would work?

I'd be curious...you might have a defective speedlight.

But glad that "channel 4" works.
Regards, Mike

foxikk wrote:

Finally i Have the answer!

Yep the camera is Canon 5D MK2 and flashes are 580ex and 580ex II.

I tried everything, all possible setting.... groups, ratios, channels, etc. Nothing seem to be working.

Master - Slave - Channel 1 - Group A, Ratio A:B or A:B C.. nothing

I tried all the combination possible, except one which I didn't think was important. And that thing was CHANNEL.... 1, 2 or 3 didn't work. As soon I set both on CH.4 everything started to work... weird.

I don't know why other channels didn't work as long as they both were set to the same channel (interference?!) but on Channel 4 they work flawlessly.

So the solution was simple and unexpected. So now it's time to play with new light setup.

Thanks everyone for help and sticking with me with this problem.
I hope other will find this helpful also

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