Test Nikon D7000 and D700

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Re: D7000 has 3x the pixel density, right?

So why are you wasting your time posting some 20 messages only in this thread then? Don't waste another one on the answer to this question.

teodorian2 wrote:

mngsmt wrote:

I really don't know why I'm wasting my time in replying to your questions when their only goal is to prove that "you were right in the first place" ... Yawn.

teodorian2 wrote:

You can try to find differences as long as you want. The truth is that accept for the apparent difference in DOF these images (the whole photos - not the 100% crops) are identical in IQ when printed.

Because you and so many other pixel peepers are completely lost in judgements of 100% crops and "find" things even if

1) you have not shot the scene yourself,

2) you do not know the actual conditions,

3) you have not post processed the images yourself,

4) you have not seen the whole images printed and been viewing them blindly from a normal distance,

5) not all minor differences (color, hue, contrast etc) seen in crops are an effect of the IQ in the camera.

There are just to many people like you with the wrong focus - on 100% crops and DXOMark data.

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