D7K: I'm scared with so many complains...

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Re: Agreed.... always a bunch of complainers with new cameras'

ianz28 wrote:

Every time a new camera is released the forums flood with complaints and often troll bashing.

The D7000 just like every other modern Nikon and is an excellent camera. The real question: is it the right camera for you and your intended uses?

I think many times the complaints boil down to some pretty basic reasons.

  1. They bought a camera that is too complex and they don't yet understand how to achieve the best results.

  2. They expected a higher level camera for a low price.

  3. They didn't see "their" expected gains over existing body/bodies.

  4. Trolls: those who are insecure or feel threatened by the latest and greatest.

Take the leap of faith; buy and use the camera as it's intended to be used..... don't take test shots and spend hours scrutinizing every detail of the output.


Dead right Ian

The D7000 is as with all Nikon DSLR,s excellent so lets take pictures and leave the wailing and nashing of teeth to others

I am a photographer which means I take photographs not a moaning mini technician.

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