D7K: I'm scared with so many complains...

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Re: D7K: I'm scared with so many complains...

Had mine for a week now as an up grade from my trusty old D200 (which I sold to help pay for the new camera). IMO its a cracking amatuer camera that produces professional quality images. Nit picking seems to be a trait of kit collectors, having 3 or 4 DLSR's or constantly changing kit seems to infer dissatisfaction with them all. I have shot 80 stills & 10 mins video and cant see anything wrong at alll. Its not perfect but I am sure anyone can find fault with any camera but the pluses make little things that I find a tad below par dwindle to only minor hiccups.

I cant tell you to buy or not as IMO buying a camera is very much a personal choice but for me it was well worth the purchase and as they say the proof of the pudding is in the eating and my puddings are tasting lovely at the moment thanks.

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