Dpreview review of 60D done... time for it to go in a forum category??

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Re: Forums need adjustment

Please post your photos from the top of Mount Everest, if you survive. Sure hope the camera can stand the -40 degree temps. And watch out for the heat and condensation in the deepest parts of the "urban jungle". Also be sure to post some pics from Iraq when you do your war reporting, and maybe some shots from the undersea caves?

We are lucky to have a top photographer from National Geographic on our Canon Forum!

Andew wrote:

'It is still not the camera I will bring when I travel on January to the rugged mountains of Tibet and Nepal at the peak of winter. And if I am to have only one camera that I can use in the urban jungle and demanding settings, it is NOT going to be the 60D. So to me, the DPR comment makes sense. It is not going to make sense to everyone. But just because it does not make sense to one, it should be dismissed as irrelevant.'

Well you can always buy a $5,000 camera. Or, you can go to Kmart and get a $150 Kodak.

'Turn the video function on before you start kicking it around, then post the video on the forum, so we can all watch... that ought to be fun!'

I'll have to buy the camera first.

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Sam K., NYC

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