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Go with the 60D, you'll be fine, some will bash the 60D but it's a good camera.

zuma022 wrote:

I'm thinking of upgrading my Canon XSi. I like my XSi, but I feel like I'm starting to outgrow it. Mostly I'm looking for improved AF performance and better high ISO. I also found myself wishing I had video a few times, but that's not really a deciding factor.
What would you guys recommend for upgrade?

I'm not concerned about the plastic thing with 60D, but I do wonder about MA, that's one thing I've sort of been looking forward with an upgrade, but having never had it, I don't know how important it is in the 'real world'.

I feel like the 7D might be overkill for what I use it for (travel, portrait, landscapes mostly) and also a fair bit heavier (same for classic 5D). I am considering the 50D simply because of the MA, but then I don't have video and it's already an older model and maybe outdated soon enough.

Anyway, has anyone recently upgraded from an XSi and if so what did you decide on? Are there any reviews as far as AF and high ISO performance go specifically compared to the XSi?

Thanks so much!

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