D7K: I'm scared with so many complains...

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Re: Your location is Brazil...

I just went to the store and tried the D7000 out with my own SD card and I also tried the D90 (both with the kit lens), want to know which was sharper ( I examined them on my PC )? The D90 was decisively sharper, NONE of the D7000 shots were sharp at all. And don't nitpick about the lens; the result are relative, if you use the sharpest af-fine tuned lens on a rock solid tripod the conclusion will be IDENTICAL.

The muddiness of the D7000 shots were NOT due to misfocusing issues (that was confirmed because there were ZERO sharp zones in front or behind the focus point).

The D7000 is PURE HYPE, Excellent Hardware and specs built around a SOFT sensor.

I have a lot of Respect for Mr Rockwell but I don't see why he did'nt report this flaw. The vast majority of users I think want to love the camera but the NEFS show the facts, the sensor is soft and the High ISO's are even SOFTER. Nikon blundered here folks.

This camera is a useless FLOP! It's true, I wanted one, I got a D700 instead, and I'm buying a D90 in a couple of weeks as a backup. Newer IS not necessarily better.

The choice is between 12 sharp mp or 16 blurry mp and High ISO

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