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Re: What about the D7000?

Tony Beach wrote:

They introduced the D300, then they used its sensor in the D90, and everyone with a D90 could say that it performed like a D300.

Cameras are not just about sensors.

I know, but if you only look at the pictures, those from the D300 and those from the D90, they look virtually the same. It's just like how the D3 and the D700 are similar.

Nikon will not come out with a new state of the art AF system in a "D400" before they have introduced one just as good in their flagship models.

But the AF system in the D300 doesn't seem to be the same as the one in the D3. I've read that the D300 has an AF aquisition lag that the D3 doesn't have. I really hope the D400 has a much quick AF aquisition time than the D300.

You won't buy a D3 if you want a DX camera in a bigger body though, you can only buy a D2x or a D3x and use it in DX mode, and that's the point of making a "D400" a bigger bodied camera.

Which DX photographers need a vertical grip? Do bird photographers need it? The D100/200/300 series has always been small. Going big would not make sense because it would alienate so many D200/D300(s) shooters. If there is a high enough demand for a built-in vertical grip, it would make more sense to make another D2x type of a body, but if they did that, I would certainly hope they wouldn't cripple the D400.

Likewise, if you want a smaller camera that has most of the same features that were previously only available in the D200 and above cameras, you can now get that with a D7000 -- so in that sense Nikon would have most of the bases covered.

A D7000 is essentially a D90 (at least that's how I feel about it right now, not having tried it yet), so I'm not so sure. I would only consider the D7000 if its AF system is quicker than the one in the D300. I went through a lot of bodies before I found one that suited me.

Within reason, but we can simply take the RAW files then and put them through a new RAW converter to get better results too.

I am not going to shoot RAW.

Isn't that what they improved on the D3s?

No, they improved the sensor and increased the buffer size.

So they chose not to improve the sensor for the D300. I guess they're making D200/300 shooters wait a little longer for the D400. What was the point of the D300s? To get the D200 shooters? I wonder if it was worth producing.

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